Collecting you from the Airport

I'd greet you at the terminal. Grab your bag and walk you to my car. You'll be wearing a sundress with a plunging neckline. The 'girls' looking amazing and just a glimpse of the new bra. I stow the luggage in the boot. Come round to your side and open the passenger door. We pause. Facing each other. I hug then kiss you. You grab my right hand and slide it down your side. Over your hip and between your thighs. I can feel the warmth and you moan, let out a little moan as I rest my hand on your pussy lips. You're sopping wet now. I slide my left hand along the small of your back and grab your ass and squeeze hard to get a reaction from you. You moan louder. I slide my left hand further between your cheeks and my fingers into you. You're breathing heavier and moaning louder as I finger you while rubbing your clit. You're soaking wet now. You reach down and whisper in my ear, eat me, fuck me. I turn you around and bend you over onto the passenger seat, I crouch behind you. I left your dress exposing your beautiful bum to me. Then you slowly spread your legs to reveal your magnificent flower. I lean in and kiss your pussy. Kisses all over your pussy and thighs. I start biting your lips. You're getting wetter. I can feel you opening up. I slide my tongue in your hole and taste you. You taste amazing.

I slide my down further down and find your clit. With the tip of my tongue I get under its sheath and starting circling your clit. Sucking at all the same time. It's getting larger and your moans louder. I explore your clit with my tip until I find the spot that makes you moan the loudest. I keep licking and flicking and sucking. I stick two fingers inside you and start thrusting. I want you to squirt for me. You're breathing faster and I feel you getting tighter and your legs start to tremble. My ques to speed things up and go harder. One long moan and I feel your squirt dripping into my mouth. It tastes so sweet. You tremble and push me away from your pussy closing your legs to deny me further access. In a demanding voice you order "fuck me, I want you in me"

I get back up and unbuckle my pants, unzip and pull my jocks down to my knees. Exposing my now thriving cock. I slide it between your cheeks to tease and tantalize you. You're frustrated now so you grab it and guide the tip inside you. You back yourself onto it letting out a moan of relief. I'm finally inside you.


Those Blue eyes

Seemed like the perfect spot to chill out, relax and clear my mind. The day was perfect, clear rich blue sky, just the right amount of breeze keeping the sunshine warming but not allowing it to get to hot. The water so cool, clear and inviting. Displaying all those postcard colours from dark and light blue, aqua blues and greens to crystal clear at the water's edge.   Just letting my mind drift between thinking how sweet life is and gazing out, admiring mother nature when disturb by a commotion just a short way down the beach. Set ems a couple were having a difference of option. Forcing myself to look away, not because I didn't want to look nosey but, the guy was sexy. Not a smack in your face magazine hot, just that there was something about him. Tall broad shouldered, beach blonde hair, very tan - must go out in the sun a lot. Not a face or a body I was likely to forget.   They had gathered up their things and left the beach, giving me back that quiet calmness of hearing the waves crash along the shore. Must have drifted off for some time for when I woke, time had flown, and I had a dinner party to go to; So, collecting my own things I headed back to the hotel to get ready.

I didn't know the people I was meeting had no idea what any of them were even supposed to look like and I only had screen names to go by; I walked into the bar trying to look like I belonged while also trying to see a group of people who belonged together. A waitress approached, asked was I ok "yes, good, I'm meant to meeting some people here and to be honest, I have no frigging idea who or what they look like"

"Do you have a name? Did they make a booking?"

I know she was trying to be helpful, but I was clueless. "You know what, you don't know me, I don't know you, we'll never see each other again; What the hell"

Now I had her attention. "I'm meant to be meeting people who are here for a 'munch' umm, BDSM group"

Not only did she give me a wink and high five, I got an up and down look over and a very cute grin spread across her lips. "I'll keep an ear out, but if you have no luck, welcome to stay"

I needed a drink, what can I possibly be thinking. Scanning the different tables trying to see if any group stood out. While waiting at the bar, standing next to a woman who looked like she could be, I struck up a conversation about her drink she had just ordered. It looked like the kind of thing I needed; Big glass, lots of ice and red. We chatted and again it was a what the hell moment and asked why she was here tonight. It wasn't the group, it was someone's birthday. Told me that if I didn't find them I was welcome to join her table of friends; I can be bold, I can be outgoing, just not sure I was that bold.   Standing back near a table I re-read the message and the name, clicking on the name I got a profile photo; That kind of looks like the guy behind me, was it him; Only one way to find out. Walking over I asked his name, thankfully it was, I had found them. But know that I had and seeing who was there I wasn't 100% sure I wanted to be there.

Talking as little as possible, doing some meet and greet decided what the hell, I was there, I wanted food and I had a drink; I'll just get through that, say goodnight and leave. No harm, no foul.

Turned out to be slightly more painful than I'd imagined, conversation was minimal at best, no-one actual introduced themselves beyond a name, no questions of where are you from, are you new, do you know what you're looking for, this is my partner, nothing, zero zip. Feeling more like I was at a geek table while they discuss star trek in Klingon. However, it is strange how the universe drops little hints and finds ways to keep you in place. I ordered first, yet mine took the longest so I ended up getting mine last. Drink almost gone, meal complete. Drunk to much water earlier on, figured it was the perfect out; head off to the bathroom, make my escape. As I was heading back to the table I questioned myself about being rude and just heading off, so I walked back to say bye. New people had arrived; He had arrived.

It couldn't be could it? The guy from the beach was here, sitting at this table. Was he also into this 'life style'? Only one way to find out. Turned out however that he and his friend were sitting where I had been, the only free spot was on the opposite side of the table; Universe playing with us humans. Sitting back down introductions were made, Rick and Sam. Sam, the name to go with the body I had been seeing over and over in my mind's eye. The one I'd imagined washing me in the shower as I'd gotten ready earlier. Sitting before me, playing nice to those at the table and looking at me!

Those eyes, OMG the exact colour of the water today, a sexy mix of aqua and green; Put them with that smile, the little tilt of the head, one damn sexy male right there. He knew it, knew he was one of most attractive men at the table let alone area, never played it though; That got me, my interest was tweaked. Chatting to his friend Rick while stealing looks, watching him, his interaction not just with his friend (which at one point did raise the question of them being a couple), yet even the other males he spoke to. Connected, listening, asking questions to gain more information, assessing even. Not enjoying himself despite the smile and ease.

Asking his mate Rick if he was trying to corrupt his friend slipped into Sam's hearing as he turned to ask what we were discussing. Seeing his eyes focus on mine wasn't just someone looking at you as you spoke, no that would be to casual. When Sam looked at you, he saw you! Saw who you were. There was no looking elsewhere, no breaking eye contact and when you did you felt like you were missing something, denying yourself of affection. If ever there was a man who could command you to look at him and keep your eyes open looking at only him, Sam had that! I'd happily stare at those eyes all night. He could read my thoughts, leaning in close telling me "Don't fall in love with these eyes"

The longer we talked the bigger the space around us became, most from leaving, some by moving closer to the other. There we were talking, understanding, intriguing each other's minds. Some to say, express, share a feeling so unique you just don't want it to end. The first time he touched me, there was no jolt, butterflies, no bells and no rush. There was calm, serenity, stillness in the moment. Cool to my tempered skin, a sense of softness.    Feeling that just from touching my hand... oh the delights his fingers would create trailing over my skin, touching my hard bud or pussy lips for the first time.

Those eyes, like a drug drawing you back to them. Having to look away to stay focused on what you're saying, while yearning to look back into them. Tantric massage, tantric sex kept popping into my head, feeling my energy shifting with his, climbing with his. Wishing for a time machine, or at least a device that can freeze time, that's what was needed. Time was our enemy. The hours had forced the hands of time, which forced ours. The decision to call it a night had been made, wishing those who were left a good night, we walked out to our cars. Walking between Rick and Sam their size compared to mine, caused the first basic strings of sexual desire to hum. Both tall, board shouldered and strongly built. Imagination flashing scenes into my mind, the three of us.    Warm naked bodies, mingled together, exploring each other, teasing with fingers, tasting the sweetness drawn from within. Wow that really was a short walk, stopping at Sam's car we bid each other goodnight. What I wanted to do was climb in with them, taking turns kissing them both, what happened was a gentle kiss on the check by Sam. Universe if your listening; Please let me catch up with these two again.

Seems the universe needs time to arrange these sorts of things, so it was a couple of days before I was able to meet up with Rick and Sam again. We had planned to meet for dinner and, well, see where things went. We had chosen a small place, which would allow us to chat without having to compete with the room or be loud enough for others to hear what we were talking about. Over drinks we discussed ourselves and where we all were, while over the meal we spoke about what we each other. Seems the guys had been speaking about such things since we first meet. Rick, it seems was happy to wait in the background while Sam and I got better acquainted. Deciding that we'd talked enough we chose a place to head back to.   So, the plan for the night had been discussed as; We would all be together, Rick was not going to hide. I was just going to let go and they could do as they pleased. Laying together, taking turns kissing each of them as their hands and tongues explored my body. I was in heaven. Rick had my shirt and bra off feasting on my nipples while Sam and I continued to kiss as he striped. Feeling his warmth beneath my fingers sent tingles straight to my juncture. Rick was still teasing my nipples while caressing my thighs, sliding his fingers towards my pussy but stopping just short driving me crazy. Sam trailed hot lava down my stomach tasting my skin with his tongue. Again, stopping just short driving my want, desire and need to be filled so much more stronger. Rick claimed my lips catching the moan escaping as Sam finally touched my clit before sliding a finger lower, feeling how wet and open I was. Teasing with the smallest movements of his fingertips, arching my hips trying to get closer, deeper. He pulls back tasking me for being impatient. Considering those eyes, seeing that sexy smile while rushing sensations are bursting through my nipples from Rick and Sam's fingers tantalise my pussy. Damn these two, they were going to make me come, so close, as they swap places; My breathing erratic and shallow, as Rick pushes his fingers deeper, sucking on me, with small nips to my clit. Sam placing a hand over my heart, stilling me with that calmness he possesses, catching his eye "Breath"

Sam pulls me towards him as Rick lays down along by back, I hook my leg up over Sam's Rick grabs my hips holding me steady, kissing along my neck as Sam enters me. The instant sensation of being claimed washes over, but before I can settle Rick pushes forward too. Stretching me as he enters my folds. Together they stroke, pulling and pushing, raining kisses where ever their mouths touch skin. Bliss, heavy sexual bliss was my cocoon. Wrapped in their arms, taking this journey together, we climbed the highest peak and as our union exploded in kaleidoscope colours behind my eyes, I knew I was lost to my old self. Tears pricked my eyes as Sam's mouth closed over mine, our tongues dancing in jubilation. Ricks arms holding me tight in their embrace.   Staying as we were we let ourselves slowly come down and sleep to close our eyes. A thought of thanks and gratitude was my last. Not sure how long any of us slept, with my back feeling cold I turned over snuggling into Sam. I could make out a faint outline of Rick in the other bed. Sam's arm folded over me, pulling me closer, kissing my neck "Now it's just the two of us"

Climbing over he straddles my hips, pinning me to the bed, raising my arms above, holding them down with ease. "Look at me, keep your eyes open, only at me" Nodding my head as I just didn't trust my voice. Those eyes, never leaving mine as his free hand trailed along the side of my body, circling my breast until it was just the nipple between his thumb and finger, squeezing them together I gave up the moan of pleasure I had been holding in. His mouth seeking the hardened bud, enclosing it, sucking it deeper into his mouth. Even though he had now let go of my arms I kept them raised above me. Taking in turns the torment of my nipples, his hands gliding down, slipping between us, finding my pussy, rubbing over my clit which was now as hard as my nipples. "I'm going to make you so wet for me, going to take you, making you come before I stretch you with my fist"

"Yes, yes oh god yes please. Take me Sam, I'm yours"

Opening my lips with his fingers he guides his cock inside, feeling his head push I tilt my hips. With a single stroke he sinks all in, grinding his pubic bone sealing my entrance. I feel reach the base of me, but he gives another little push taking it all. Watching him, my eyes never leaving him, seeing his lips open in delight, knowing his got me, filled me to the very end of my tunnel. Facing back to me he lowers his mouth, taking my bottom lip between his teeth, pulling before claiming my mouth as he did my pussy, his tongue pushing into me as his cock is doing. Feeding a hunger, I didn't even know I had. Thrusting deeper with both his tongue and cook, arching my hips, exploding over him, clenching him.

"That's it, that's my good girl"

Releasing me only to reposition himself flicking my clit and sliding two fingers into where only moments before his cock had been. Pulling out the orgasm before adding another two. Twisting round, pushing in and out stretching me, before closing his hand and firmly push. Resting and rubbing each time he pulled out, before pushing deeper into me with his fist. As his knuckles pushed inside I came again, short panting breaths as Sam kept going. Rick came back over and lying beside me cradled my head, so we were both watching as Sam completed. Sinking his fist all the way in. Slowly turning his hand this way and that driving me on forward to yet another orgasm. Pumping slowly, twisting, drawing all the way out before pushing forward deep into me over and over. He could feel my walls gripping his hand, he knew I was close, "Look at me"

In doing so I knew I wouldn't be able to hold it back, the moment our eyes locked, his head tilted to the side and he smiled at me "Come for me"

Shuddering into a mess and squirting over his arm I fulfilled his command. Rick taking my hand in his curled it round his hard cock, stroking along the shaft, While Sam slowly withdrew his hand from my pussy. Our mixed cum running down as the contractions from the orgasm pushed them out. Pulling me onto my knees facing Rick, Sam using the lubricant fingered my ass before pushing his cock forward to my little hole. Holding me there as Rick moved, guiding my mouth to his, opening I allowed him to slide in, over my tongue. Setting me to work sucking him as Sam pushed himself deeper into my ass. Once I was filled in both ends they set a pace, neither hurried or urgent, just riding it out. Sucking Rick's cock was sometimes halted from the sensations Sam was creating fucking my ass. Concentrating on Ricks cock sucking, while stroking his shaft and playing with his balls, I was beginning to feel him tighten up, his own hips moving, pushing his cock deeper, before fisting my hair and holding me down and he cum in my mouth, swallowing what I could, but I missed some as Sam, seeing Rick come released his own seed, thrusting his hips fast and hard against me.

Collapsing beside me, while Rick cradled my head in his lap. Turning to face Sam, I was once more looking directly into those eyes.

Jayne C.