Set your mind to wonder at the time when Masquerades were a weekly event...

Think, 'The Count of Monte Cristo' and now imagine yourself waiting among the crowd, excitement ruled while anticipation was at an all time high.

Letting go of our stiff society ties that hold us in, being free to follow your desires, taste your temptations and experience some of the most erotic dinners and shows.

Or join the list for our annual Gala Ball, just to mention a few of the events we hold.

Strong Adult Erotic Themes and Nudity.

If you dare, join us to, well . . . join Us!


Code of Conduct for all Club members, Staff and VIP Diamond members

Manor House Club is and will always be a strictly exclusive and private members only club (masks are to be worn at every event). All members are vetted before application is approved. Manor House is built on unanimity and con-sensuality, we ask before we touch - always. Any person violating this will be removed by security and banned for Life. . . There are no second chances!

Protecting and keeping our safe personal explorations is a priority. All members and their guests will conduct themselves with decorum, will treat others with respect and dignity. At all events Gentlemen are required to wear a Black Suit with Black bow tie and Ladies will dress in Evening wear or Lingerie. A coat and dress check is provided.

Masks are mandatory for entry, once inside you may remove it if desired. No phones or photo recording devices are permitted. To protect the privacy and personal expressions of freedom these items are Strictly Prohibited.

Any person found breaking this agreement, you will be removed immediately and banned for life. This applies to your guests actions, as a member you will be held accountable. There are no second chances. There are no refunds!